Little by Little Feels Like Forever!

“But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals too numerous for you. Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.” (Ex 23:29-30)

Years ago I had a wrong way of thinking. I had the faith to believe for great things and made the changes necessary to see those things come to pass in my life. Where the faulty thinking came into my mind was thinking that this would happen in less than a year. I was wrongL. I prayed hard and pleaded with God in my ignorance to try to see if the things I hoped for would come into my life faster. Then I came across this scripture in Exodus 23 and it brought amazing peace into my heart.

God is so strategic in all that he does and just because things don’t happen according to our timeline, that doesn’t mean that its not going to happen again. The truth is that God knows exactly what we can manage. He knows what would be good for us and what would destroy us. The revelation and the take away for me from reading this scripture was to relax. God is going to do what he promised to do. Not according to my time line but according to His.

I started a business and because I saw people who were successful I thought that I was going to have instant success. The truth is that having a business is a process and you have to appreciate and learn everything that you can at each stage of the process to move to the next one. Every level has its own challenges and obstacles to overcome. When I started to look for a woman to marry I thought I would go out to a nice Church event and God would shine a spotlight on one lady as I walked through the door and that would be it. I was wrong again. This took years so don’t be discouraged. Through this process though, I was able to mature and know what I didn’t want so that when I saw what I did want, there was no questioning that this woman was from God. Throughout that process, I learned things like self-control discipline, and how to be selfless which are extremely important in marriage relationships.

My big takeaway from this is that there is no quick path to anything that you want… But there is a reason for the crooked path. Along the path that God would have you on, there are lessons to learn and wisdom to be gained. God does not want to bring you to the Promise Land of your desire and then you can’t manage the blessing because you are not prepared. The process prepares you for the promise! It may take a long time but remember that it’s a learning opportunity. Enjoy the journey!