Your Wife – A Fruitful Vine

According to Psalms 128:3, your wife should be a fruitful vine.  But what does this mean and what do we need to do?

All relationships require work if you intend for it to grow. Anything that is not growing is not alive. I’m hoping that you are reading this because you intend for your marriage to grow and evolve into a fruitful garden. As men, most of the responsibility in the marriage are to be initiated by us. We are to take the first step.  The parallel is made in the bible that we should love our wives as Christ loves the church and game himself up for her.  We are to love our wives using Chris as the example. Also, just in case any of you men didn’t know this, Our wives love us because we first loved them. See 1 John 4:19 about that one.

So I am going to list a few items here to help you bring the best out of your wife.  She should become a fruitful vine with your help.

Pray for your Wife

1 Corinthians 11:3 says that the head of the woman is the man.  What this means is that the man is accountable to God for his wife spiritual well being, Jesus said that Men should always Pray. Pray for your wife during your quite time and come together and lead prayer with your wife. Doing this will not only strengthen your prayer life but your marriage also.  Pray for her joy that it would remain full. Pray that God will protect her from spiritual attacks. Pray for her self esteem. Pray for her daily task and challenges that she may have to face in the home or at work.  Pray that God will help her in every possible way and pray that God will work through you to in answering those prayers.

Serve Your Wife

I know that Acts of Service is one of the 5 love languages and it may not be your wife’s primary love language, But Serving is a spiritual discipline that the head of the house is responsible for.  Remember We are to love our wives as Chris loves the church.  Jesus came to serve. So we to should have the attitude of a servant to our wives.  Read Matthew 20:28 and think about the different ways that you can serve your wife? Some thought starters are , offering to cook the dinner every once and a while. Getting the kids ready for bed so she can get some rest herself… and so on.  Think about what sacrifice you can make so that it goes easier for her.

Listen to Your Wife

This falls along the lines of communication and Quality Time Love language. Ask your wife what is on her heart? What excites or troubles her?  Find out what she dreams about? Most woman crave for this type of intimacy with their husbands. When you are in the car driving, Instead of listening to the latest sports debate radio show, have a conversation with your wife.  Ask her some open ended questions and when she answers, probe with more questions to get deeper. Now, PLEASE REMEMBER, this is not an interrogation. Your questions shouldn’t make her feel like she is on the spot.  Just make conversation, and when you hit something that is passionate to her, stay on that topic. If you do this you will be surprised at what you will learn about your wife.

Support and Encourage Your Wife

When you find out your wife’s passion or dreams, its your responsibly to help her achieve it. Your words of encouragement and support can go a long way. The support can be financially, It can be in guidance or advice. It could be just watching the kids while she goes out and does what she needs to do.  Just support.


A helpful article that I wrote was on the Five Love Languages.  You can read that article here. Be blessed as you work on making your wife turn into a fruitful vine.  If you know anyone who would like to read this post, please share with them.  Don’t forget you subscribe.