Don’t Be Unequally Yoked

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Agreement is one of the most powerful things in the world and when two people are in agreement life just that much easier. A marriage relationship is already complex and one of the hardest stages of life to go through, now think if you are unequally yoked with someone for the rest of your life.

Why would God say not to be unequally yoked?

It will be hard for you to feel spiritual fulfilled if you are unequally yoked. Both men and women have different spiritual responsibilities in a relationship and each person can either be a blessing to their spouse or not. The only way for a Christian marriage to walk in the blessing that God intended is if both Husband and Wife are playing their part as Christians submitted to God. God can work through your spouse to meet many of your needs from relationship. If you are married (of thinking of getting married) to a non-Christian, that person is already not submitted to God. As a result it will be impossible for them to be able to hear from God so they can meet a spiritual need for you in that relationship.

How will you worship at home?

If you grew up in a Christian household and you are used to listening to Worship songs through your house daily how do you think a non-Christian would react? They would either accept it and in time get tired of it… or play their own worldly music and expect there to be no conflict. They might also tell you to cut it off or something else. The point I’m making is that it will create another area for potential conflict. Think about Spiritual holidays and family traditions that have been passed down to you from your parents and grand parents. What will you pass down to your children? A strong Christian foundation or a secular world view.

God’s Purpose for families.

One of the primary things that God uses to advance His plans for n the earth is families. Families are the backbone of society and when the family structure is strong, then the community is strong. Being unequally affects the basic structure and unity of the family. When it comes time for family devotion or prayer, what will happen when Mom or dad doesn’t pray to the same God? The children will get confused. God is not the author of confusion. If the next generation is confused about who God is or if they don’t know God for themselves, then those parents missed an opportunity to train us their child in the ways of God.

Just to wrap this up, if your in a relationship with a non-Christian or thinking about it, I would like to urge you to reconsider and make the right decision. A marriage relationship is hard enough when both husband and wife are Christians. Missionary dating doesn’t work either. This is dating a non-Christian hoping to convert them so that you can stay with them. That’s just asking for trouble. Your emotions can also get in the way of your good judgement. Don’t fall head over heals for someone who does not love Jesus. Don’t  make it harder on yourself by getting into a relationship with a non-Christian.  I’ll share more next week about compatibility in Christian relationships.  Subscribe to be notified

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