Finding Your Help Meet

Genesis 2:15-25

We can learn a lot from the creation story. What I’m going to focus on is the interaction between God and Adam before Eve was created. My hope is them men will learn what are some of the prerequisites before you get married.

1. Adam Had a Job

I think this is self explanatory but God gave Adam a job before he created Eve. Adams job was to keep and cultivate the garden. The garden produced food for him to eat. How are you going to be a provider for you wife and future family? Having a stable job is necessary even while you are dating. How will you be able to go out on any dates to get to know your potential future wife more? In North America (and in other areas in the world) it can get quite costly to go out anywhere to have a social time with someone. But to summarize this point. You need to be employed and have a steady income before you begin your search for a wife.

2. Adam Served in a Ministry

We see God working with Adam to name all the animals. This is ministry. As God created, Adam participated and did his part so that Gods plans would continue me to pass. Serving in a church ministry can be defined as giving your talents, ability and time to assist the advancement of Gods plans. This is what Adam was doing when he was naming the animals. This is very important to you because serving in ministry also helps you to identify your calling and secure your identity. You are able to find out who you are and who you are not and this is important is determine which woman will be able to fit into your life as your wife.

3. Adam Knew What Would Complement Him

God know that Adam needed help before he started to bring the animals for him to name. The question I asked is, “why didn’t God just make Eve then instead of going through the process of naming the animals?” My opinion is that God had to show Adam what would not fit or complement him so that when he saw Eve Adam would know that she will complement him. This is what I call Gods heavenly physiology. By Adam seeing how different all these animals were from him he was able to see Eve immediately and know that she would be his help meet. The takeaway for this point is, sometimes you may have to go through some bad relationships so that when you meet the right woman you will know that this is the woman that God has prepared for you.

My hope is that, if you desire to be married, when you see your future wife for the first time that you will know in your spirit and say “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” Which is what Adam said the first time he seen Eve. If you feel like this would encourage or teach some other man please share it.

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