Alone Time With God

A very liberating time for a young man is when he finishes university, gets his first job and move out from under his parents roof to his own place by himself. These are big steps and is signs that you are maturing. You now don’t need to answer to a person when you want to leave the house. You can be a loud as you want. Pretty much anything you want goes… it’s your home. This time is extremely important for young men who are developing into mature man of God and seeking to be married one day. The important part of this phase of your life is that you get to be alone with God.

Before God created Eve, Adam only had a relationship with God. It was through this relationship that Adam learned who he was. What his job was. And what was compatible for him. God allows us to go through this phase as men for the same reasons today.

Know Who God Is

It was only Adam and God in the beginning. God made Adam in his own image and likeness. God knew that… But did Adam know it? Alone time with God give you the ability to seek the face of God to understand who He is and his character. As you spend time in fellowship with God and the Holy Spirit, you will eventually see that your character will change to be like God. You will see Him as he is and start to resemble And operate in His likeness. Example of this is when God created the world He spoke… and then that’s what was created. God called something the sky and the. That’s what it became. In Genesis‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ God brought the animals to Adam for him to give them their names. Once Adam called its name that’s what they are called to this very day. This is an example of Adam operating in the likeness of God. Likewise, God wants to teach young men how to speak like Him and the best time for that to be thought is when you are in that alone phase in your life with God.

Know Who You Are

Another part that is vital in the alone phase with God is knowing who you are. With this I am talking about your service onto God. During this time you should be devoted to the purposes of God and serving in his church. Again, free from most responsibilities, you should be able to devote a large amount of your time to serving His purposes. Adam kept the garden, named the animals and also had fellowship with God. This all caused Adam to grow and learn his spiritual gifts and callings. It’s during this time that you should find out what your primary ministry is, and begin to serve in a greater capacity in your church.

Know Your Job

In Genesis‬ ‭2:5-8‬ ‭NIV‬‬ we see that God gave Adam a job. This was something for Adam to do so that he could provide for his future wife and family. During the alone phase with God, be on the lookout to what work that God wants you to do. This work is necessary for the future growth of development of your environment and also will cause you to be satisfied by its results. In my opinion, I believe it is wrong to be unemployed but wanting to find a woman to marry. That order is wrong. In addition to only having one job, God would also want to bless you with multiple streams of income. There is no better time than when you are single and alone with God to do this. Once your wife and eventually kids come into your life, then your time can get occupied in a hurry. Alone time with God can give you some great ideas that you can grow and possible turn into a passive source of income later on in life. So look to be working during your alone time with God before you get married.
Now please done misunderstand me. I’m not saying that you are only to go to work, church and back home. Please have a life and do some fun things. There’s plenty that you can do without sinning. God gave us this life to enjoy so try you best to make the most out of every moment and find enjoyment in everything that you do. What you will find is that through your ministry that you serve in, you mill meet and be connected with other like-minded Christians who will grow with you. It’s not a coincidence. Gods word says that the steps of the righteous are ordered by Him. As you wholeheartedly devote yourself to serving God you might even see that He is preparing your spouse in the same ministry. God just does things like that some times. 😉

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Be blessed.