Untapped Resources

2 Kings 4:1-7 is an account of a widow’s oil.

Just to summarize it… this woman’s husband has died and she was left with a debt. Her creditors were about to come and take her sons a payment for what she owed. She called to Elisha for help. Elisha asked how he can help and what she had in her house. The widow said she had nothing except a small jar of oil. Elisha gave her the instructions to go and get all the jars from her neighbors and to bring them into the house and shut the door. They were to pour the oil into the jars and set it to one side. They started to do as the Man of God said and they filled all the jars with what they had in their house.

The oil only stopped flowing when they said there were no jars left to fill. They were able to sell the oil to pay off their debt and live off the rest.

What I want to focus on from this scripture is what each item can represent in our businesses.


1. The little oil in their house:

This represents what is inside you. We all have some resource inside of us that we can draw upon to use to make use wealthy. God has given us a unique talent, gifting or ability that when we use it we can be a blessing to others. Our unique talent, gifting or ability is for Gods Glory, to bless others and cause growth in us. Don’t sit on a little ability that is in you. Work on it and develop it. The world is waiting for it and you can use to advance your life and the lives of your family financially

2. The jars:

The jars were borrowed from the people that lived around them. This speaks of the people who are in your area that God has given the ability to help you get started in your calling. The number of people that this widow and her sons borrowed jars from are not known. It could’ve been twenty people that God has brought in your life to help you or it could be just one. When you set out ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

3. Shutting the door behind them:

This speaks of the precious time where you need to shut out the external noise and work to develop your calling. While you are growing you need to ensure that the people closest to you are there to encourage you and push you forward. The worst thing that could happen is for you to allow dream killers into your secret place while you are growing and developing into something great.

4. When they said there were no more jars:

Be careful on what you say. The words that you speak can hinder your blessing and future potential. The only person that can limit your God given dream is you. The devil can’t stop it, other people can’t stop it. Only you can abort the

5. Sell the oil and live off the rest:

This speaks of what will happen when we step out and work our God given ability to bless others. We will not only have enough financial resources to meet our day to day needs but we will also be able to leave an inheritance for our children and their children.


The key takeaway would be to find out what little jar of oil you have inside yourself. What is it that you think is inside of you that when developed will cause you to be a blessing to many and position yourself and your children for financial prosperity for years to come. You may think that it is something insignificant but remember, God uses the little think of this world to confound the wise.


Share this with someone who thinks they only have a little oil inside of them. That little oil in them can possible fill many large jars and bless them x times over. If you have any other revelations or insight on 2 Kings 4:1-7 please share it in the comments. Make sure to subscribe to get more encouraging post from me into your inbox.


Abundant Blessings!