Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going

None of us are perfect. We all fall short of the mark from time to time. We try to live a life that is pleasing to God but sometimes we blow it. Does it surprise him? No. He knew we would fall and He knows we have a life long battle against our flesh. This is why he made a way for us to be reconciled back unto him and this is through Jesus and his saving blood. Were going to look deeper at the times when men sin and see what happens next most of the time.

What happens is that we get into a place of guilt and condemnation. We repent and ask for forgiveness but we don’t get back to doing the work of the Kingdom of God. I started to thinks about it. Now the Devil knows that he is already defeated and is fighting a battle that he can’t win. Jesus had already sealed his fate and there is nothing that he can do about it. What the devil can try to do is stop the work of God in your life through guilt and condemnation. I strongly believe that this is where the devil is really focused on. He may have seen the momentum that you had going for you and needs to try to stop it. So he may cause you to sin so that you will feel guilty and not think you are worthy enough for God to use any more. His tactic is to try to make you feel condemned. Not worthy. But the truth is, you were never worthy by yourself. Your righteousness is as filthy rags but it’s Jesus living in you that makes you worthy.

Yes. You may have sinned again and did what you said you were not going to do the last time but by allowing guilt condemnation to keep you from continuing the good work that you were doing before the sin is an even greater win for the devil.

When you fall, repent. Ask God in prayers to forgive you and cleanse your heart and mind. Ask God to cover your sin with the blood. After you have done that from your heart, then walk away knowing that you have been forgiven and you can continue the good work of the kingdom of God that you were doing before.

Don’t allow sin to keep you down. But even worse, don’t allow guilt and condemnation to keep you from moving forward. The devil knows that you are close to a break through so get back up and keep moving towards what God called you to do. Chances are there is a great breakthrough waiting for you. Get up and keep moving forward. Blessings.