The Key to Receiving More

In today’s society we see people with a lot of material possessions and money. I have nothing against those things, I’m all for it as long as it’s achieved legally. What I’m writing about is the mindset that certain people have with regards to what they have right now and their desire for more. Everyone would love the big house, the fancy sports cars, expensive watches etc. But how many people that want those things fight to keep $20 in their pocket when they know they should rightfully give it up?

I will be getting to one of the keys that I think is important for you to learn how to do to have anything you want in life, but first I want to touch on a few things.

You need to have the attitude that, this world has more than enough to satisfy all your desires. If you have the thought in your mind that you have to hold on to every dollar that you earn because it’s yours, you mind is conditioned not to see the abundance that the world has to offer. On the flip side, if you see the abundance that the world has to offer you can freely give that $50 to that friend in need because you know that you will see back that amount and more in the future. This is what some people call the law of attraction. (I’m not going to get into detail on that today)

The bible says in 1 Timothy 6:6 that “Godliness plus contentment is great gain.” This verse is the key to spiritual growth and personal fulfillment. We should honour God and be content with what he is doing in our lives. Once we are walking in his ways and delighting in Him and His principles then we will notice that he will allow us to have the desires of our hearts as he promised in Psalms 37:4.

Proverbs 3:27 says “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” So if you have the means to be a blessing to someone else, don’t hold it back. You are only robbing your own blessing. Remember in this world we are only stewards and most of the situations that we find ourselves in is a test. Are you going to pass the test so that God can trust you with more?

In my own life I have noticed people who give freely with a pure heart to be a blessing always have a testimony on how God has richly rewarded them in so many other ways. I have also seen how some people try to hold on to every last thing that they have and they remain in the same place that they’re in. Never moving to then next financial level.

The key to having everything that you want in life is…

The key is to be a giver. Give what you have to be a blessing to other. When you start to operate in this spirit of giving with a pure heart, you will see the floodgates of heaven open over your life. God will richly bless you when you are willing to be a blessing to other. Remember most of the time when Jesus was describing the Kingdom of God is used the image of a farmer and his field. The seeds you sow will cause you to reap a harvest. Keep your heart pure and give to be a blessing to others. God will never fail to give that person more because He can trust that that person can be a conduit of blessings for people who need him on to earth.

When it is possible, I always. Give to be a blessing to other. And remember, you don’t always have to give money. You can give time, advise, cupcakes etc. The picture I’m trying to paint is planting seeds out of your pure heart to be a blessing to someone else.

I hope that you curiosity has been stirred a bit to study this topic of giving more for yourself. Go make it happen today.