Input vs Output

I heard someone say this a while ago.  If you do what everyone else has done you will get what everyone else already got.  If you want to be great and do some great things with your life, you can’t expect to go about your daily task like an average person.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with living an average life.  It’s just if you want to be great, you can’t expect to live an average life.

This is a copycat world and people like to play it safe and just fit in to the status quo.  Most people think that if they work hard enough at their 9-5 job they will get all the things that they ever dreamed of. That 8000 Sq ft house, 3 sports cars, and millions in the bank.  Though this might be true for some high paying 9-5 jobs, it is only a small percentage that reach this level.

Once you set your goal or vision, see about what you can do to achieve it.  Once you start to be critical and examine your actions you will see that you should do a lot more to achieve what your really want.  Build a detailed plan with steps that you can take every day.  As you have your goal/vision and your action steps go about them diligently seeking to do all that you can to exceed the mark that you have set for yourself.

Once you put the work in and work smart you will see that you can position yourself in the position to achieve all the things that you dreamed of since you were a little child.  Anything is possible!

Like the Oberto Beef Jerky commercial says… You get out want you put in!  Put in the hard work and get out the results of working hard & smart!!

Be encouraged to be GREAT!!