Father to the Fatherless

When you look out in the world that we live in you may see a lot of things that are just not right.  There is an increase of violence in our communities where people are getting injured or killed in senseless acts. Young people are not succeeding in schools and perusing higher education or a worthy careers for their adult lives.  Also, teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem that no one is talking about.  This post is to encourage men and father to step up because I believe that we are the solution to these societal issues.  In my observations I have noticed three reason why Fathers in the home (being active and present in the lives of their families) partnering with God is the solution.

Boys Need a Role Model

If you are a male of any age right now, I would love it if anyone can disagree with this comment.  Men always want to be like someone else who is ahead or above them.  We always want to emulate someone else who we see as a “real man”   Boys aspire to be anything that they think is a worthy goal or ideal.  On television today we see men in music videos disrespecting women and sing/rap about activities that are illegal and or unbiblical and our young boys are watching this and taking this in.  Because their minds are still pliable and learning what is acceptable, if there is no one to correct them on what a real man should be like then they will just gravitate to what they see on TV, social media and in their communities.  In Genesis 3 it speaks about the Fall of man in the garden. In my opinion, Adam should have not even allowed that snake to come into the garden and talk to Eve. Adam should’ve been taking care of the garden.   Similarly, Men today need to watch out for the snakes that may try to come into our homes through television, social media or over the internet.  Men need to uproot everything that tries to distort the image of God that our young boys were created as.   This is why its important for Fathers to be in the house and show their sons how a real man should behave, establishing Jesus as the chief Cornerstone of their house.  Boys will find a role model to immolate. Be sure that you are the Godly role model for them to see.

Little Girls Need a Knight in Shining Armor

We all heard of the fairy tales of the princess that needs to be rescued by the knight in armor who kills the dragon and then they live happily ever after. Even though fairy tales are not true, this is true for out little girls today.  They need to see a man come to their rescue and show them that they are valuable.  This starts with how little girls see how their father treats their mother.  If they see their father treating their mothers with respect and honor in the home then that is what they will expect from the relationships this little girl gets into in their young adult ages.

Fathers are the balance of power in the home

Being there isn’t good enough. Fathers have to play an active role in their household. Children will model their behaviour after the leader in the home. Also, whatever the father does it is more than likely that the children follow that example willingly be having to be told over and over again. A good example of this is going to church. If a mother goes to church and the father stays home, more often than not, it would be harder to convince the children in that house to attend church regularly and enjoy it. Switch roles in that scenario and the results will be the children want to go. (You can share your experience or feedback in the comments section). The point that I’m trying to drive home is that, whatever the direction the family is going to go in, it’s the father that will help or hinder that direction.

Men of God. You are valuable to God in your household. We are builders in Gods Kingdom and important in passing His kingdom message to the next generation.  Lots of responsibility on the shoulders of men. This is not to add more of a burden to your daily tasks but just to remind you of how important you are. God will give you the grace to do what he has call you to do and strengthen you to be successful. God can be the father to those fatherless and He will send some of you reading this now as mentors and father figures into the lives of those who need it. Be blessed and encouraged to know that you will hear Gods calling to do whatever His will is. If you need help understand God’s voice and knowing when He is directing you, I can send you my free guide wi four simple steps that will help you. Just enter your information below or click here.

Until next time be blessed!