Everyone Has Something to Give

God has made us with gifts and talents and there is value that is inside of us that God has placed there.  If we learn enough about those gifts and talents in us, we can use them to be a blessing to others and monetize them to support our lives.  And I say “we” “us” and “our” because I include myself in this as well.  I am constantly learning new things about myself that I can use to be a blessing to others.  Think of this lesson as a progressive, never ending stage as long as you are alive.

This process can be called mining, where we are constantly looking inside of ourselves to see what of value we can dig up.  This stage is very practical and in doing this you will find that you have a lot of value inside of you. 

The Bible says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”– Jer 29:11

Its story time. 

I want to paint a picture for you.  Picture a plot of empty land. Maybe about 5 acres.  Some man just bought it for $10,000 because though the land was not maintained, there is a potential in it for precious resources (Oil and diamonds etc.).  This man grabs his tools and goes to work clearing off the land, first by cutting down the trees.  As he was piling up the trees another man came by and asked, “Hey where did you get that saw” the man says “I made it.”  He sells it to the man walking by and made another one so he can continue the work.   He does that 3 more times to three different people passing by.

Finally he was able to clear off most of the trees and building a house for himself on his land. The left over wood he just piled up on the corner of his property.  One day some man came by and said “nice house… Can I buy the wood that you have in the corner so that I can build my own?” He sells the man the wood.

Time pass and he got a bit discouraged because he didn’t find any resources in his land yet. He made ends meet by making and selling saws and selling the trees that grew on his land. As he sold the trees he made sure to replant them and used the profit from selling saws and trees he bought more steel to make saws.

FINALLY after 5 years he finally found an oil reserve under his land and started to extract the oil to sell.  He hit the jackpot. He was extremely happy.  But the interesting thing that happened over the course of 5 years was that people knew him as the person to buy saws and wood from to build their houses. This actually made him very wealthy already.  The oil that he found on his property gave him more than enough to give the money to his kids and grandchildren to live off of for years to come.

The moral of this story is we all have something of value in us.  We just need to start to do the work to uncover it.  As we are working on figuring out what our value gift to the world is, we may come across other gifts and talents that were there all along that we can use to be a blessing to others, support our lives and leave back for the generations after us. Inside of us is value that God placed in us.  Our job is to seek Him and serve others as we try to discover what that value is.  As we are doing that we will uncover not only our specific gift and calling but other gifts and talents in us that will be a blessing to other ans ourselves as well.

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