Don’t Sit on Your Talent

One of the most impactful stories from the bible that I have ever read was about a rich man who left some gold with three of his servants to keep for him while he was on a long trip. Servant #1 got 5 bags of gold, servant #2 got 3 bags and servant #3 got only 1 bag. When the rich returned from his trip, servant # 1 and 2 doubled what they were given and gave it back to the rich man with interest. Servant #3 gave the rich man back the one bag of gold. The rich man was not pleased with that servant.  (Matthew‬ ‭25:14-30‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

This story is so impactful to me because it speaks about the talent and ability that we all have inside of us. Some people work and develop their ability and talent and are able to accomplish great feats. Others do nothing with what they got and just live average lives. We shouldn’t be like that servant who didn’t do anything with the one bag that he received.

Once we have identified our gifts and abilities we should work our best to invest in them so that they can develop and be a greater benefit to the world. This is how athletes become great and win championships. This is also how singers go platinum and win Grammy’s. You have to put in the work to develop your skill or ability to become great. This takes years sometimes but the one thing that has to be in the front of your mind is the goal that you hope to accomplish.

Nobody every starts to do something without knowing what they want to accomplish. So once you find out what specific talent or ability you excel in, then it’s up to you to determine how great you want it to be. Then the work starts.

When we watch television we usually see the final product. We see Stephen Curry hitting game winning three pointers from half court, or Tom Brady throwing that final touchdown to win the Super Bowl. What we don’t see is the work that is put in up to that point to develop their talent and the effort spent preparing for that moment. As you peruse greatness remember this one thing. You will only receive what you’re worth to society. To earn more money, you be to be of more service to society. You will reap what you sow. When you put in the hard work to develop yourself, your skill and talent you will reap the rewards of your effort. Keep your goal in mind work hard and strive for the best.

Go and be GREAT!!