Christian Clubbing

Can a Christian go clubbing and listen to worldly music?  This has been a hot topic of debate for a long time.  There are a lot of gray areas and a lot of people have left it up to interpretation If you have followed me for a while you know I’m going to keep it practical and keep it simple for you to understand. My hope with this post is that it can help someone to grow closer to God and escape the grips of this vice.


Music is Part of Worship

If you read throughout the bible you will see how music has woven its way through just about every major event in the bible.  Music was connected to different festivals and often times it was played after a victorious battle.  But most importantly, music was played as a form of worship towards God.  This was the main reason for music.  In Exodus we know of the great victory to Children of Israel won when God allowed them to walk through the Red Sea on dry land while drowning the Egyptians what were after them.  Immediately after that, Mariam and all the other women grabbed their tambourines (to make music) sang and dances onto the Lord for the victory.  This was all done in praise of the great thing that God has just done.  Since the devil is after the worship that belongs to God, he has caused people to make music that is not directed to worshipping God but instead that music is used to worship man or women, money and material possessions.  Listen to all the songs that they play on the secular radio and in clubs.   People who try to justify listening to secular music say that they just like the beat.  However, the tricky physiological part of this is that the words of the song get into your mind and spirit because you are opening up yourself to hear it by listening to the beat.  Once the words get into your mint… then your actions will follow because as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. (Provers 23:7)


Clubbing is the Ultimate Deception

I would like you to just think about this.  Picture some people getting ready to go to the club.  Ladies probably pick out their best outfit so that they can look “hot”.  Spend hours doing their makeup and hair all for a night on the town. Likewise men would spend time shaving and ensuring that they look well put together splashing on some colonel so that they don’t smell bad.  Hoping to meet that special lady for whatever intentions that they have (most of the time it not a Godly intention).  They show up at the club looking amazing and when they finally get in they buy a few drinks to “loosen up” and then try to have some fun on the dance floor.  Most of the time the club is dimly lit and has strobe lights to create more of a party atmosphere.  So there you are. All dressed up, in a dark place and acting like someone under the influence (because you’ve been drinking).  This is the ultimate deception.  First of all, everyone in the club is all dressed up in their best.  Chances are they don’t look like that every day.  You are in a dark place where you are not even able to judge if the person that you just met is really good looking or not. Finally, Your judgement is impaired because you have been drinking.  So you are not even making the best possible decision.  The devil would love to mess up your life by you finding the wrong person to be connected to in such an environment.


It’s a Waste of Time & Money

This last point is a simple one.  While you are young, you should be spending time developing your life so that you can become a stable adult.  Don’t waste your time waiting in a line to get into a club, sweating all night dancing, and spending all your heard earned money on entry, coat check, drinks, more drinks, and last call drinks.  This is again the devil using a club to waste away your youth and your time.

Please consider the things that I mention in this post.  If you are a Christian don’t waste your time and put yourself at risk to make a bad decision that could have long lasting consequences in your life.

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