Be a Leader

Most people see leaders today and wonder what it takes to be a great leader.

Most people think that a leader is like a person who stands up bravely and defends his loyal followers against all the evil in the world.   Or maybe you may see a leader sitting in the corner office on the floor and directs all the people under them.  Not the case.

What makes a great leader?   A leader is someone with a vision.  Someone who can serve and is not afraid to get his hands dirty and get things done.  A leader is someone who can inspire people to follow them.

A vision is extremely important for anyone to have but exceptionally important for someone who has a goal to be a great leader.  Not only does a leader have to have a vision but they have to be able to inspire people to follow their vision.  Leaders can not only be found in businesses but in communities, teams, and households.   A great example of a leader is Ray Lewis who is a retired NFL linebacker.  He is a leader on the football field.  He is a man that whatever he says to his teammates, they would buy in and follow him whatever his vision was and as professional NFL players their vision was to win a Super Bowl and in 2012 they accomplished that… in Ray Lewis’ last year before he retired.

A great leader is someone who can serve.  This person who is willing to get down and get their hands dirty also inspires people to follow them.  Again, building upon their vision they inspire people to follow them. They also inspire people by doing what they want their followers to do.  When you look like Mother Teresa, she was very small in stature but she could inspire people to follow her vision.  People looked at her hard work helping with the poor people and were inspired to join in and follow her vision.

This is just my short list of what a great leader is.   There are many other qualities that you can probably add to this list.  Feel free to add your comments below but be encouraged to be great today.

Be Great today!