It’s Already In You

To further expand on a post I wrote a few weeks ago called “Untapped Resources” I want to further expand on this idea on already having what you need to start and grow a business and set your family up for financial independence.

If I was to say to you “why don’t you start a new business?” Immediately your mind would shift to start thinking on something new to create. Something creative and innovative that could be the next Uber, Facebook or Google. This may seem like a monumental task and almost impossible to achieve. Those thoughts alone may discourage you to start the work. My goal in this post to change you mind to think differently about it.

You already have in you what you need to start your business. All you have to do is think about what you are currently doing and come up with ideas that would give you a competitive advantage over everyone else.

Example. I own a Mobile Tire Service. There are hundreds of tire shops in my area the people have been going to for years. But I asked myself why? Why do people have to leave their house to get their tires changed? This line of thinking led me to start my business and bring the tire shop to my customers at their home or workplace. This also gave me. Competitive advantage over other tire shops that only have a shop. I have also come across mobile barbers, car retailers and others.

All you have to do is think about your current industry and think about what that industry would be link in ten years. Start think and generate some ideas. Over your brainstorming sessions you may come across a great idea that you can implement now that is new, innovative and will give you the competitive advantage.

if you set aside fifteen or thirty minutes each day to think about how your career or industry will change in the next ten years you will eventually come up with a great idea.  Set aside the best part of your day (when you are most creative) to brainstorm some ideas. Write them down and think them through.

You might come up with the next Google, Facebook or Five Guys burgers as a result of your quite time. Or you might just create a new way to do what you are currently doing that is creative and innovative.  Remember, being creative is a spiritual act. God made us in His image so we have the capacity to create something new or an new way to do an old process.

Take the time to think and make something great happen.